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I’m a professional Natural Bodybuilder in the WNBF, a Legion Athletics sponsored athlete, and a Precision Nutrition Certified coach. As an accomplished bodybuilder competing for a decade I’ve learned that all of the awards, medals and accolades are not why I love this lifestyle. The heart of what I am about is achieving my personal best and guiding others to achieve theirs! For me, physical and mental toughness are a journey of self-discovery, no other experience makes a person feel more clear, focused and accomplished.

~ Teddy Pantelis Nutrition

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I specialize in fat loss, metabolic damage, performance nutrition, progressive exercise training and competition prep. I coach my clients to become better versions of themselves by teaching them to become more efficient with their own body.  I do not promote a one-size-fits-all-approach, but rather create a customized system with you that is based on your specific goals. 

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Metabolic Recovery

Feel you've done all the right things but can no longer respond to diet and training?


Tailored Meal Plan

A simple nutritional plan that you can implement immediately. Optimized to fit your lifestyle.


Custom Training Program

This program will be 100% tailored to your needs.


Discipline Commitment Sacrifice