About Me – Q&A

  1. What Things Do You Do Every Day That You Wish Could Be Automated?

Shave my head and pack my meals


  1. Do You Have Any Superstitions?

Too MANY, but one that sticks out is clicking my heels like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz before each and every set of squats lol


  1. What Is Your Most Unusual Talent?

Is making oatmeal a talent ? lmao


  1. If You Could Talk To One Species Of Animal Which Would It Be?

Dogs! I spend so much time with my pup april, it would be nice to have a conversation, lol


  1. Who Would You Most Like To Sit Next To On A 10-Hour Flight And Why?

Jocko Willink.  he’s a man I idolize for countless reasons, but I’d love to discuss some personal topics with him and learn.


  1. What’s Something I Would Never Guess About You?

I love playing online video games with my friends (headsets and all lol.)  C.O.D, mmorpg & fps titles, Street Fighter, Resident Evil. The list goes on and on…lol


  1. If You Got Stuck In An Elevator And Were Forced To Listen To Only One Song, What Would It Be?

Ben E. King – Stand by me.  the song always takes me on a different wavelength:  good times, sad moments, loving memories, dancing, singing… its got it all


  1. What Weird Food Combinations Do You Really Enjoy?

Doritos and anything chocolate!


  1. What Isn’t Real But You Desperately Wish It Was?

Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Harry Potter is my spirit animal lol


  1. If You Had A Time Machine, What Time Period Would You Visit, And Why?

Ancient Egypt.  I’ve got so many questions! for example: did aliens help build the pyramids and the sphinx?