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Chest Delts & Tris: Push overload


Teddy Pantelis - 10/11/2021
Push days have always been my favorite, theres nothing more visually satisfying than a massive chest pump.  Make sure you read the direction for each movement, we train with intent!

Hot & Spicy Chicken Breast: Recipe

Meal Plan

Teddy Pantelis - 10/01/2021
Chicken breast is a staple in most diets, so why not make it low cal and delicious!  This is a great and simple recipe for anyone who likes their chicken to have a bit of a kick to it.

Big Back & Biceps: Attack from all angles


Teddy Pantelis - 04/27/2021
This is a fun yet very effective pull-day workout.  This is an attack from all angles and if done right your back & bicep pump should be wild!

Frozen Blueberry & Dark Chocolate Bowl: Recipe

Meal Plan

Teddy Pantelis - 02/04/2021
The "infamous" Frozen Blueberry Dark Chocolate bowl. Every time I post this beauty on my instagram stories I get bombarded with recipe requests ! Make sure to hit the DOWNLOAD MEDIA button to save the recipe.

Athlete Tips: Being Coachable

Blog Post

Teddy Pantelis - 12/07/2020
Being coachable is about attitude, not athletic skill. The one essential requirement is the willingness to listen and utilize external input and influences.

Arm Workout: Skin splitting pump


Teddy Pantelis - 07/24/2020
Heres a sample arm session that I have been doing for years. The pump here is absolutely INSANE.

Crockpot BBQ Shredded Chicken

Meal Plan

Teddy Pantelis - 03/31/2020
After countless requests I am finally releasing my shredded BBQ chicken recipe ! You can download the recipe directly to your phone.

Team TPN: Season Recap

Blog Post

Teddy Pantelis - 02/16/2020
A year-end recap of the teams successful competition season. Organizations include WNBF, NPC and the IFBB.

Quad Workout: From my 2019 Competition Prep


Teddy Pantelis - 01/21/2020
Heres a sample leg session from a program I was running during the beginning stages of my 2019 Competition Prep.

Pre-Workout Bowl: Recipe

Meal Plan

Teddy Pantelis - 12/13/2019
My "famous" pre-workout bowl. I get asked multiple times a week for the recipe, ingredients, process etc.  HERE YOU GO! Make sure to hit the DOWNLOAD MEDIA button to save the recipe.